About Us

 Company was founded by Kaur Vänt, who has more than 6+ years experiencein B2B custom made furniture sales and project management and by AndrusTuuletare, who has been running metal processing companies succesfully over 25+ years. Tuulmet Interior OÜ is the third member of Tuulmet family and an overview of his other companies will be listed down below:

Tuulmet Holding

Established 2009
• Production of custom-made metal elements from various metal sheets, profiles and tubes – mostly to furniture companies (70% of total turnover).
Following metals can be used in the production:
stainless steel, regular carbon steel with powdercoating, brass, copper and aluminium.

• References for metal components:

1. Bank hotel rooms – Sweden
2. Haymarket by Scandic public areas – Sweden
3. &hotel rooms and public area – Sweden
4. Scandic Marski – Finland
5. Julgalan 2015 Stage, Malmö – Sweden
6. Nobis Hotel Copenhagen – Denmark
7. Hurtigruten MS Roald Amundsen cruise ship
8. Choice TAK restaurant and bar – Sweden
9. Clarion Sign public area – Sweden
10. Best Western Gustav Vasa – Sweden
11. Radisson Strand Public areas – Sweden
12. Telia HQ – Estonia

Tuulmet Lighting

Established 2016
• Production of custom-made metal lighting elements including cabling and lighting sources. It is possible to use different metals: copper, brass,
stainless steeland powder coated steel.